Multi-Vac Industrial Vacuums Functionality.
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Your Innovative, Leading Manufacturer of Industrial Vacuum Equipment.

The Multi-Vac Promise

We don’t assemble machines, we design and engineer solutions. Each one of our industrial vacuums are safer and sleeker than the competition – and built to last. If our standard models don’t fit your application, we’ll work with you to create a solution that will.

Multi-Vac Technology

Multi-Vac industrial vacuum systems are designed for material sorting, cleanup, and dust management needs. From quick delivery, standard industrial vacuums to entirely custom engineered products, the solutions we manufacture at our plant in Union Grove, Wisconsin are low maintenance and built to last. With our entire operation under one roof, all of our industrial vacuum systems are subject to the highest standards of quality control.


Industries Served by the Reliability and Durability of Multi-Vac Industrial Vacuums.

Multi-Vac By The Numbers


Years Providing Unmatched Service in the Industrial Vacuum Industry.

Multi-Vac Solutions

Over the years, industrial vacuum experts at Multi-Vac designed and developed a variety of product lines to serve the needs of our customers:

  • Industrial Portable Vacuums
  • Stationary-Vacuum Systems
  • Trailer-Mounted Vacuums
  • Truck-Mounted Vacuums
  • Zero Hour Retrofits and Rebuilds

Tough Conditions, Tougher Equipment

Multi-Vac industrial vacuums perform under pressure. Designed to weather toxic spills, explosive atmospheres, and industrial forging mills, our products can be outfitted with Teflon® coated filters, HEPA filtration systems, discharge silencers, and positive displacement vacuum pumps for efficient power consumption, and much more. Whatever conditions our customers are operating with, the Multi-Vac team is ready to get to work for you.

To learn more about how Multi-Vac industrial vacuums can improve safety and efficiency in your operation, contact us today.

Request a quote today to find a better way to remove hazardous material and reclaim valuable or reusable material with the use of our industrial vacuum equipment.