Multi-Vac industrial vacuums are safer, sleeker, and longer lasting than traditional vacuum systems. Specifically engineered for minimal maintenance and versatile performance, our industrial vacuums combine industry-leading technology with custom engineering to make workplaces cleaner and more efficient.

The Multi-Vac Difference

  • With Multi-Vac units, the dust collection is open to the hopper with no internal baffles or ledges to create bridging and inhibit the flow of collected material into the hopper. This also greatly reduces cross contamination when handling different materials.
  • Multi-Vac is fitted with a positive displacement vacuum pump. As suction increases with increased material flow, the Multi-Vac develops only the power required to move the material. The maximum vacuum generated is 16” Hg, which is enough power to move material, while remaining within the specifications of the vacuum pump manufacturer.
  • By using conservative design standards with all of our components, Multi-Vac engineers produce machines with superior operating life spans and minimal maintenance. Multi-Vac stands by each product, which is why we provide a 2 year warranty for all Multi-Vac Systems.
  • Multi-Vac vacuums are made completely at our plant in Union Grove, Wisconsin, U.S.A, which allows us optimal quality control. One central manufacturing location also gives us greater flexibility to work within unique specifications.

Multi-Vac Features

Dual Inlets™

Each Multi-Vac vacuum comes standard with Dual Inlets. This feature allows for more flexible machine placement and the added convenience of left or right hand pick-up.

No Tools Required™ Filter/Cage Removal

When service is required, our No Tools Required system provides immediate access, removal, and replacement of filters and cages. These features can save hours over many older industrial vacuum designs.

Multi-Vac Bag Filters/Cages

Multi-Vac’s quick-replacement Bag Filters have been proven with the widest range of materials, from abrasive to high temperature. Bag Filters have no pleats to plug or bridge over, which is a common problem with more costly cartridges.

Reverse Pulse Jet Filter Cleaning

Multi-Vac is equipped with an “on demand” programmable reverse pulse jet filter cleaning system for continuous operation. Multi-Vac also has a manual push-button system for offline filter cleaning

Guarded Cam-Roll™ Air Lift System

Hopper changing is quick and easy using our Guarded Cam-Roll Air Lift System. The ease of hopper removal keeps downtime to a minimum.

Built In Level Probe

A built in level probe shuts the unit down whenever the hopper is full. A liquid high level probe is also available as an option when working with liquids.

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