Have a question about our company?  We can help with that. For common inquiries, check the list below. For more unique or technical questions about our industry-leading industrial vacuum technology, contact a Multi-Vac team member here.

Q: What types of equipment does Multi-Vac provide?

A: Multi-Vac offers a wide range of industrial vacuums for air quality management, environmental cleanup, and material handling purposes. From our compact Super Mini Series, to the truck-mounted Fast-Vac™ excavators, each model is designed for different needs and industry applications.

Q: What happens when one of your standard models won’t cut it for my application?

A: At Multi-Vac, we don’t just sell vacuums — we engineer them too. For unique applications, our team is happy to design custom industrial vacuums and accessories to ensure that you get exactly what you need from your investment with us.

Q: How long has Multi-Vac been around?

A: Though our team’s industry experience goes back to the 1970s, Multi-Vac was founded in 1990 by Wally Haag, an industrial vacuum engineer who sought to create a sleeker, longer-lasting, lower maintenance product than what the market provided at the time.

Q: Do your products come with any sort of warranty?

A: Yes! All of our industrial vacuums come with a 2 year warranty.

Q: Do you also provide maintenance or repair services?

A: Absolutely! We service all of the products we sell here at Multi-Vac.

Q: Will you help me refurbish my existing industrial vacuum -- even if it was manufactured by someone else?

A: Yes! Multi-Vac offers conversions, rebuilds, and upgrades to any industrial vacuum system — even ones we didn’t design or manufacture ourselves. For about half the cost of a brand new machine, we can replace any of our competitors’ old-fashioned bags, cages, or cartridges with our “No Tools Required” filters and cages access, removal, and replacement system. Once an industrial vacuum is rebuilt, it functions as a “zero hour machine”, while our 2 year warranty will apply to any upgrades we make.

Q: What types of materials can your industrial vacuums handle?

A: Multi-Vac technology can process anything from steel chips to flour and grain. For a complete list of all of the materials our industrial vacuums are suited for, visit our Materials Handled page.

Multi-Vac is committed to providing industrial vacuums of excellent quality, functionality, and longevity. If the models we have won’t get the job done, our team of experienced industrial vacuum engineers will design a solution that will. For more information on Multi-Vac and our industry-leading industrial vacuums, contact a team member here.

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