Millennium Series

Heavy Duty Industrial Portable Vacuums

Multi-Vac™ Millennium Series Industrial Portable Vacuums are engineered for maximum efficiency, mobility, and service life, with minimal maintenance.

What do we mean by Minimal Maintenance?

Multi-Vac’s Millennium Series is designed to provide quick access to filters and cages for simple removal and replacement with our “NO TOOLS REQUIRED”™ industrial vacuum system. This feature alone can save on hours of downtown over many competing designs. Multi-Vac™ vacuums are also equipped with a state-of-the-art reverse pulse jet filter cleaning system for continuous operation that does not have to be shut down during the cleaning process.

Multi-Vac™ industrial vacuum systems are fitted with a positive displacement vacuum pump. As suction increases with increased material flow, the Multi-Vac™ develops only the power required to move the material. The maximum vacuum generated is 16″ Hg, which is enough to flow material up to 300 lbs per cubic foot, while remaining within the specifications of the pump manufacturer.

Each vacuum’s standard 2 cubic yard hopper capacity allows your team to spend less time dumping material and more time working.

Longer Service Life, Better ROI

By using conservative design standards and high quality, industry-known components, Multi-Vac industrial vacuums have superior operating lifespan over the competition. In addition to our commitment to industry-leading quality, Multi-Vac stands by each product we design and manufacture. For every Multi-Vac System we build, our customers receive a 2 year warranty. With a wide range of capacities available, we’re certain that our team of experienced industrial vacuum engineers is able to provide a high performing, long lasting solution to your application.

Millennium Series Specifications

Model HP ICFM @ 16” Hg Air: Cloth Ratio Weight (lbs)
3000 30 720 2.5 6,285
4000 40 860 3.0 6,700
5000 50 1,245 4.5 6,845
7500 75 1,550 6.1 7,430

Standard Millennium vacuum units feature:

  • A 2 cu. yd. forklift truck portable air lift stand and self dumping hopper
  • When assembled, portable by an 8,000lb Forklift or Multi-Vac Trailer System, or in (2) pieces by a standard Forklift.
  • A complete range of nozzles, hose assemblies and fittings, available from 4″ to 8″ are available for your specific application.

Millennium Series Optional Features

  • Filter Cartridges, Special Filter Media
  • Explosion Proof or Explosive Atmosphere Construction
  • LP Gas or Diesel Powered
  • Liquid Handling Wet Level Probe
  • Trailer and Truck Mounted Units
  • Interceptor Hoppers

  • Power Cord Reels
  • HEPA Filtration
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Special Paint or Coatings
  • Deep Vacuum Pump
  • Onboard Air Compressor

Stationary versions of the Millennium Series

The Millennium Series is also available in a stationary design with a complete range of hopper sizes and discharge valve configurations.

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