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Stationary Industrial Vacuum Units

Heavy duty Multi-Vac stationary vacuum systems serve many purposes in several different industries, such as steel and cement manufacturing, or chemical and rubber plants. These models are powerful, customizable, reliable machines that are engineered and built to last.

Our stationary vacuum systems also include Multi-Vac’s unique “NO TOOLS REQUIRED” access to filter/cage removal and replacement systems, streamlining maintenance service and saving hours of down time.


  • Central industrial vacuum system
  • Pneumatic vacuum conveyor
  • Batching system
  • Continuous discharge system
  • Loading or unloader

Features & Benefits

Our stationary vacuum models are designed with the following features and capabilities:

  • 16 cubic feet to 16 cubic yard capacities
  • “No Tools Required” filter/cage inspection, removal, and replacement system
  • Dual inlets, dual inlet target deflectors
  • The option to power vacuum conveyor systems throughout a plant with piping manifold and multiple inlets

Discharge Valves & More

Multi-Vac offers different types of discharge valves for stationary vacuum systems depending on the dumping process and the material being collected.

Customized Stationary Vacuums may include:

  • Explosive atmosphere construction
  • Unique filter bags and cartridges
  • Special coatings and paint
  • Customized support legs for specific clearance & discharge height
  • Open bins
  • Super sacks
  • Drums
  • Roll-off boxes

We offer these additional features and customizations to precisely serve the application, achieve maximum efficiency, and optimal ROI for the customer.

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