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Trailer and Truck Mounted Vacuums

  • See Mini and Millennium Multi-Vac pages for unit specifications
  • Trailers can be retrofit to standard Multi-Vac equipment, Multi-Vac Conversions, or competitor style vacuums.

  • Hose Reel
  • Nozzle Rack
  • Off road or over road specifications

  • Dual and Triple Torflex Axles with Electric Brakes
  • Spare Tire
  • Jack Stand with Crank Assembly, Choice of Pintle or Ball Hitch
  • Tail, Side and License Plate Lights
  • Breakaway Kit and Safety Chains
  • U.S.D.O.T. Safety Regulations

Wet or Dry Excavation Systems for Utility Location

Truck Mounted Vacuums serve as utility locating equipment designed to operate during excavation. The wet and dry features of our Diesel Excavator allow for fast and efficient utility digging using two different methods. During the wet method, high pressure air is used to bore holes while simultaneously vacuuming the earth and depositing it into a dump hopper. Using the dry method, the operator can immediately dump dry earth back in the hole after working on a located utility.

Fast-Vac™ Industrial Vacuum Loaders

Fast-Vac™ Industrial Vacuum Loaders combine a high performance vacuum with durable construction and a wide range of features. Each model is designed for simple operation, efficiency, and guaranteed easy maintenance. Visit our Fast-Vac™ website to learn about specific features and models.

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